Tools & Supplies

The trick to floral designing is having the proper tools and supplies. It's like any professional painter,

woodworker, seamstress etc. You must have the correct tools and supplies to create with. Here is a list of what I use in my design work.

1. Glue Gun ~ A glue gun is a must have in floral design. And they are almost everyone's favorite crafting tool. They are perfect for gluing floral stems into wreath bases and into arrangements. We always use a full size hot melt glue gun.

2. Glue Gun Glue Sticks ~ Hot melt glue sticks are designed for your hot melt glue gun. Buying the full size sticks and buying in bulk will save you time and money.

3. Glue Skillet ~ A glue skillet is great for gluing your floral stems into your wreath or arrangement. You just dip the end of your floral stem into the hot glue that is inside of the skillet and then place the stem into your design. This keeps your hands free from having to hold onto a glue gun.

4. Hot Melt Skillet Glue ~ Glue cubes are designed for your glue skillet. They are high temp which is what you want to use in your designs.

5. SteelPix Stemming Machine ~ One of my favorite tools. If you like to arrange silk or dried flowers, a floral pick machine is a must have. A stemming machine attaches steelpix to the end of the flower stem allowing for easier insertion into a wreath base or floral foam. And it is quicker than using wired wood picks. Absolutely worth the investment!

6. Steel Pix ~ For use with the SteelPix Stemming Machine

7. EZ Bow Maker ~ I could not live without my EZ Bow Maker. You can make hundreds of styles of bows using any size and type of ribbon. Using the EZ Bow Maker helps you make bows like the pros without cramping your hands!

8. Wire Picks 6" ~ Wire picks are great for adding sturdiness and/or length to a floral stem. And is a must to have on hand especially if you do not have a SteelPix Machine. Sometimes a floral stem is not sturdy enough to stick into a wreath or into floral foam. Adding a pick will add strength to the stem so that it can be inserted into your design. Also if your floral stem is too short, picks will also add extra length. Just wrap the wire around the stem, cover with some floral tape and you are done.

8. Floral Stem Tape ~ Floral Stem tape is a strong stretchable tape that adheres to itself without sticking to your fingers. It is used to cover floral stems that have been picked or to tape floral stems together.

9. Dry Floral Foam ~ Used in silk floral arrangements. Dry floral foam is used to hold in place the flowers and other elements of a floral arrangement. The foam is soft enough that flower stems can be pushed into it, but firm enough that they do not easily slip out again. We use floral foam in all of our arrangements.

10. Staple Gun ~ A staple gun is great to have for attaching wire or pipe cleaners to a sign or other wreath embellishment. The staples give added stability rather than just glue alone.

11. Staples ~ It's always good to have extra staples on hand for your staple gun.

12. Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts ~ I use the zip tie adhesive back mounts when I am attaching a sign or other embellishment to a wreath. Simply peel off the backing paper and place firmly on a clean, dry surface. Run your zip tie through the holes and attach to your item.

13. Zip Ties ~ I use zip ties to hold bow loops in place when making a bow for a project.

(You can watch my bow making video using zip ties here)

I also use them with adhesive mounts to attach a sign or other embellishment to a wreath.


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