New Orleans WML 2019

Wreath Makers Live 2019, New Orleans, Louisiana. What an amazing trip! It was great to spend the week with my husband during a much needed vacation. And it was great to attend my very first Wreath Makers Live. Wreath Makers Live is a conference where designers from all over come together to meet, listen and learn from our successful mentors and business coaches. It was an amazing conference and a great experience. Now there are a few things I learned while in New Orleans that are not business or wreath making related. Here is my list...

1) The proper way to say New Orleans is New Or-lins not New Or-leans LOL.

2) New Orleans has some of the most amazing food I've ever tasted!

3) I learned the difference between Gumbo and Jambalaya.

4) When on Bourbon Street, make sure to look straight ahead...oh my!

5) Everyone is so friendly.

6) There is an amazing amount of history.

7) You need more than a week to see everything.

8) Don't ask for a non-alcoholic drink. As I was told I was in the wrong city LOL.

9) The street music is awesome and a Lowe's bucket makes a great drum.

10) Make sure you are sitting down or hanging on when the trolley starts to move LOL.

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